Jetset Bella?

Jetset Bella is about the free-spirited individual. Born and raised in Southern California, we are inspired by effortless designs, the latest fashion and emerging designers. For the beachy Bohemian chic girl, modern city or festival girl, you can count on us to keep up with style trends while maintaining quality. From flowy dresses to rock ‘n’ roll tees and skirts, there’s a little something for everyone here. Jetset Bella kids are inspired by the founder’s 4-year-old daughter Mila, who has always had a passion for fashion. When Mila goes out in Jetset Bella clothing, people always take notice stopping to pay compliments or inquire. We want to share our appreciation for emerging designers and our casual luxe style with you. Our goal is to inspire and empower women and young ladies alike. Thank you for helping us achieve it!